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October 1, 2007

CHAINS TO LOSE by Dada Amir Haider Khan

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Publication Anouncement

The autobiography of Dada Amir Haider khan, CHAINS TO LOSE , is finally published in two volumes and ready for sale and ciculation.


For those who do not know Dada, whose life and political work spans the entire of 20th century, was a revolutionaty, an international sea farer, a railroad worker in the Unites States, a student at the Lenin University of the People of the East, an union organizer in Bombay and Madras, a prisoner of the British in colonial India and a prisoner of Pakistan’s rulers for being a communist.


An excerpt from the dust cover blurb says: “Much has been written since the classic treatises of Karl Marx about proletarians and their role in the dialectics of change. Some academics have even disputed the very existence of the proliteriat as a class concious social entity, specially outside the parameteres of industrial Europe and North America. But seldom have we come across a work in which a prolatarian of unmistaken identity speaks for himself. CHAINS TO LOSE is that rare an exception. …”


Originally written in his self taught English, Dada’s autobiography is compiled and edited, with an introduction, by Hassan N. Gardezi, a well known South Asian social scientist.


To obtain your copies please contact: Mr. Muhammad Kamran, Office Assistant, Pakistan Studies Centre, University of Karachi, Karachi, 75270 E-mail pscuok@yahoo. com


For further information the editor can be reached at: gardezihassan@

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